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VDB to Maya


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Hello friends, I have an issue with vDB, when I export from Houdini to vray in maya I have no access to motion blur, the only way I find is to export the VDB is with volume rasterize particles node, but the motion blur is baked and cant be turned on or off in vray and the velocity pass in vray is empty. How can I export the VDB with a velocity channel ?



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does your volume in houdini have a "vel" field?


how are you generating it?  if you use dop import fields, you have to make sure to import the vel fields... then it should "just work" when rendering from vray.

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names density and vel should work fine for VRAY


the problem probably is rasterize particles, it sounds like you are converting particles? what is your data?

if you have vel field before rasterize particles, it will be gone afterwards as only particles are used to sample the data to empty volume

so you may need to merge the vel field afterwards or rasterize v from particles to new vel volume

do you have an example file? 


EDIT: but if your sim is pyro or smoke, then just use Convert VDB (in Convert To VDB mode) instead of rasterize particles

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