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mouse button shortcut

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I'm trying to set the mouse button 4 and 5 (thumb buttons) as shortcuts.

Actually I'm just trying to set a thumb button to "jump back" in the network view, for it to behave like in windows and most browsers (a back button)


I keep pressing it when I need to "jump back" so I thought why not.


But when in the hotkey window, there's nothing about the mous buttons :/


Is it not possible ?

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I use AutoHotkey (http://ahkscript.org/) for apps with limited variety of hotkeys. It can map any combination to another one.

; Script header.
#SingleInstance force
SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx

; Houdini-specific part.
#IfWinActive Houdini ; Check for word "Houdini" in the title.

This script will map thumb buttons (XButton1 and XButton2) to Alt + Right Arrow and Alt + Left Arrow presses which are standard Houdini bindings for navigation buttons. If you changed it, use a new combinations instead.

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