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import hrpyc in python IDLE?


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I find some examples how to implement houdini's python moudles to general python IDLE.. 

but hrpyc moudle doesn't work.. 

but hython works! 

I want to implement hrpyc modle to python IDLE 

Importing hou works, but hrpyc doesn't work 

I try to like this examples 




error info: 
import rpyc.servers.classic_server 
ImportError: No module named servers.classic_server 

I try very many times... 

Changing the paths, and find servers.classic_server ... it doesn't work.. Help me.. please icon_rolleyes.gif

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On 2016. 4. 15. at 7:21 PM, Stalkerx777 said:

Because houdini uses a little bit different version of rpyc, in order to use hrpyc you need to add to sys.path (or PYTHONPATH) the following folders:

(On windows)

$HFS/python27/lib/site-packages and $HFS/houdini/python2.7libs

it works! thank you!..


it doesn't work because I didn't put (import hrpyc) in the  enableModule() func... 

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