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cloth and spring ?


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I am trying to set up a simple cloth in order to simulate some post-it animation and I can't figure out how to deal with target animation (@pintoanimation) and collisions.


Here is a simple scene where I just would like the paper sheet to collide the wall instead of penetrating it, I guess the pin to animation takes precedence over the static solver collisions.


I guess this would work with a SBD spring constraint instead of a pin but it seems that the cloth solver isn't compatible with it.


Is there any way to add a spring constraint with a cloth solver ?


Thanx a lot.



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you can use f@targetstiffness and f@targetdamping attributes on your pinned points (instead of pintoanimation)

they will multiply the Target Stiffness/Damping parameters on Cloth object, which will behave similarly to spring constraint

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