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Point Cloud Import by Index

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import by index lets you "skip" point cloud indices and grab, say, the 5th point found in your search.

it's probably not something you'd ever use unless you had a really specific reason.


you can find the point number by doing a pcimport("point.number",pcNum) inside a pciterate() loop.  not sure how you're searching for your point to grab attributes from, but that'll give you the current point number in your point cloud.


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it's as well useful if you want to loop over pcopened points using for loop instead of while loop

even though nowadays if you prefer for loop workflow you can use pcfind() instead which makes it a bit easier

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Hi Thanks for the feedback

@fathom I've plugged pcimport into a pciterate loop but I'm not seeing anything I can use, perhaps I've plugged it in wrong? And I still need to work out how to check which point to grab attributes from... (any suggestions?)

@anim The pcfind looks promising and I've managed to split out the array using get element. Any idea how to connect the dots?


this is a simple scene where I've taken a L-system and deleted the lines, the idea is to re-connect the dots in the same fashion.



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