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trail effect with occlusion


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I'm finding a lot fo great resources to do trail effects in Houdini, but I have a question.  I'm trying to do headlights and tail lights on a moving car.  How would you make a trail effect that mimics a long exposure, where the trail is not present when the light source is pointing away from the camera, or occluded by the body of the car?  In the attached image the cars tail lights are only visible when the car is turned away from us.  Am I over-thinking this?  Is there a quick solution?





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check this nice video with breakdown.

It should not be difficult to do it. Choose points from geometry and collect them during animation. Then create flat grid based on those points. Create some attributes like age which will be used in shading. Then create UV's and you can control intensity of light in shader by ramp (along vertical and horizontal axes).

I can try to create example file if you want.


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