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How to deform a volume with Geometry

Brayan Agnus

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Your question is a little vague. The video you attached is just using velocity vectors to push around the volume. If you want a better idea on how to control this, I would take a look at this video which shows how to set-up custom vectors








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The smoke shapes thread isn't really about deforming volume data, though.

For deforming volumes, I'm thinking perhaps using a point cloud inside a lattice, transfer the smoke attribs into that, deforming it, and then transfer it back to the volume grid?

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Atom, I stand corrected, I had missed those examples. My bad. :unsure:

Though I gotta add it's too bad the OP in that thread didn't post his results, it was really spot on compared to the smoke butterfly from the Hobbit - he msg'ed me the link in a PM, really nice, and I told him to post in the thread but seems he didn't. To bad, always fun to see follow up's in threads.

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