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Deep exr samples loss

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I was trying to render into deep exr and faced such issue:

I have simple shader with opacity falling off to object's edges. Unfortunately my deep outputs suffer on low pixel sampling rates loosing samples, however simple color exr does not.

So I wonder why deep samples are lost and how to make them to be present on low sampling rates? Appreciate your help!


*Dcm compression is set to 0

Here are simple examples of what I get:

pixel samples 3x3



pixel samples 7x7





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8 hours ago, Jason said:

Thanks for reply, Jason. I'm using 416 build, and according to journal it seems that there weren't any fixes related to deep since that build. (However I will try the latest daily build to be sure)

Should I post this one to the SideFx forum? I don't know if it's expected behaviour or some kind of a bug to be reported.

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I submitted this as a bug to SESI and was suggested to use a workaround: turn off stochastic transparency to fix the problem with lost deep samples.

Here's SESI's reply:


There is currently a limitation with stochastic transparency when writing 'Ce' with DCM outputs. We currently skip the sample compositing step, which results in the holes you are seeing.

We are going to promote this question to a bug and address a fix for this, if possible.


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