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using a button to call a python function

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I am writing a node that will output some data that I am calculating as a mapped PNG file.  The file takes a minute to execute, and it will only be getting worse as I increase its complexity, so I am wanting to set up the node so that I can trigger the code when I want it to run.  I tried calling the function in the callback on the button, which is how I would expect it to work, but it doesn't apparently.  I have looked around and found several people talking about hitting buttons automatically in the script, which is really not what I am looking for.  So what am I missing in using a button in a UI?

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The node I am working on is op:obj/Solar_Occlusion_1/occlusion_Calculations/write_to_file

I am trying to call the processPoints() function using a button from the interface instead of calling it in the script itself in an effort to speed up the process by not having it run constantly.


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Python SOP executes the code every time the node cooks as it is usually used to change the geometry

since you don't use it to change geometry you don't need to use Python SOP at all

just create digital asset, store your code in it's python module and call from the interface

here is the file with included HDA, which contains mentioned changes (you can continue work on your code in HDA's python module)


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Thank you so much anim, that is exactly what I was looking for.  One quick question though, where do my print commands go now?  I am still working with the script and I am needing to debug a few things to get it working right, but my print commands don't seem to be going anywhere.  I am running the file in Windows right now, but I will try it in Linux to see if they will dump into the shell when I am finished with my pyro sim that I am running in the background.  I would really prefer to dev in windows though, since I can use Notepad++ as my preferred IDE.

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