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Removing inside edges and points

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I am working on a project which involves flatenning the 3d geometry. In my case it is a 3d bird which I then flatten wit point SOP and give it value 0 in Z. then I want to extrude it to give the flat geometry thickness. (see the attached images).

In order to get my shader (stained glass) to work correctly I have to get rid of the inner points/edges which are causing problems while rendering.I would like to leave the outlines only.

Since the model was flattened, there are some intersecting points and edges.

I have tried fuse and facet SOP but with no luck. Any suggestions?

Screenshot from 2016-05-18 19:57:02.png

Screenshot from 2016-05-18 19:57:34.png

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attach a hip or it didn't happen. :)

lazy option would be to convert to a sdf vdb, then back to polys. smarter ways might be to blast all faces that don't have their normal facing the +z, divide sop with 'remove shared edges' to remove internal detail, then extrude, but there'll probably be issues based on your geo. this other thread about making clean geo from intersecting squares might give you some ideas:




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You could get rid of edges early (if possible) by Divide's option "Remove shared edges". If your edges are perfectly flat, simply Group edges by angle, then try to Dissolve. It may fail on complex dissolves. There is no general way for dealing with curvature thresholds, you need to use more complex networks to deal with different types of geometry, by using groups and attributes computed before.




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