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how to make fog effect and volume displacement and pyroclastic

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i`m houdini beginner so i don`t know as well i have lots questions...

my question is i want make dust sotrm and fog effect in houdini and want make detail my pyro effect

how can i use displacement at volume and how make more detail pyroclastic i tried manytimes but i can`t make nice result...

please someone give me advice and i`m sorry i can`t use english aswell..


so my question is

1. how can make fog effect in houdini

2. how can i use displacement at volume

3. how can i make detail pyroclastic

thanks for read my questions and sorry to ask basic at here i hope someone reply to my question

have a nice day and thank you :)

i`m looking like this dust storm -

i looking like this fog - 




i`m looking like this pyroclastic


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1 hour ago, TheDude said:

Post a hip of what you have so far and we can help from there with anything you have a problem with :)

thank you so much Jamie~ i post hip file.. i don`t know as well how can i do... now i triying make fog..



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