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Cache geometry with substeps. How to load?

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I made simple fluid sim and i need slow it down. I cached mesh with substeps and get filename like this filemame.numberframe.nambersubstep.ext, but when i load it houdini show me alot sequences  not one with substeps.

How i can load it? I used hipname.$ff.ext for saving and try to use it for loadind but no luck with it.

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So as long as you write out $HIP/test.$FF.bgeo with .5 intervals for example, the file (reading $HIP/test.$FF.bgeo) will pick up all frames as $HIP/test.101.bgeo and all half frames as $HIP/test.101.5.bgeo

make sure without integer frame values you are specifically on the .5 frame, and it will be visible just with a $FF in the read

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