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Null with custom "control type" selection problem

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Hi! Copying here a post i've posted in the sideFX forum...



Sorry if it was asked, but didn't find an answer, so as the title says, i'm having trouble selecting the controlers of a character rig i've done, especifically the ones that i did with a custom control type, in the misc tab of the null…

Normally when i hover the cursor over something in the viewport, that thing get highlighted and just clicking on it made it selected…
But with those controlers neither are they being highlighted nor am i able to click-select them.
BUT, i can select them by draging a box, lasso or brush-select them… So it's kind of strange!

I'm trying to make rig/anim/render in houdini to learn it, and animation was the part i was anticipating the most, but it will be a bad experience having to box-select the controlers each time!

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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