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Houdini 15 crashing NEED HELP

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I got a new (very costly) workstation today and first thing I did is Installed Houdini 15  apprentice after all the updated drivers and windows essentials as Java env, OpenCl platform, dotnet framework etc. Now everytime Im trying to use the Pyro and Ocean shelf tools in houdini, even a fluid source node its crashing, even when I turn clusters toggle on in voronoi fracture its giving fatal errors every time. Its very impossible to work with any projects. I know my gpu is old but Im not using opencl toggle anyway, Still its not working with bare CPUs. I have checked all the environment settings and they look default and fine using the command line tools with hconfig -a.

Its refusing to cook any nodes and dies in a flash. I also tried reducing MAXTHREAD COUNT TO 1. 

need urgent help with this, any pointers in proper directions will be awesome

Windows 7

Dual Xeon e5 2670, total 32cores

128GB ram

Quadro 2000

Dell precision 7600

houdini15.0 error.jpg

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Guest tar

Did you install SP1 for Windows 7?

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Is the system stable with other rendering software?

Have you tried running Prime95 on the system to see it if can pass the 2 hours test?

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