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Mantra skips frames while rendering sequences

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Hello guys

I am quite new to Houdini and this is my first post on OD force.

I noticed that most of the time I render out sequences, Mantra skips some frames in the process. That happened very often with different scenes and different Houdini versions (13 to 15).

It doesn't seem to be a common issue, I am wondering if anybody else got the same problem and how they solved it.

Thank you

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I have never experienced Mantra skipping frames but there are options for doing so. Can you post a small scene where this happens? Maybe the skip frames Mantra setting got accidentally set as the default for your Mantra node?

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Hi guys,

I was trying to setting up a scene where this problem was consistent, but there's no way, it's a very random behaviour.

The increment has always been set to 1, in fact it skips frames randomly, not every time and not always the same frames.

Somewhere I read some memory issue may be involved in this kind of problem, but I'm not sure if this is the case.

If you have any other idea, please let me know.

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Sorry to hear that.

Maybe you have gone through all of the following, but here is what I would do, to find the source of the problems.

I guess it is either your hardware or your houdini installation.

1. I would try a file from a different houdini user.

2. I would let others try out my problematic file and see if they encounter the same problem.

3. And install the latest version of Houdini.

This might give u some hints for further troubleshooting. I hope it helps a little.

If all that doesn't help you should probably report a bug to SideFx.

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Are you saving the renders locally or on a network drive? I once had problems like this when I was outputting the renders directly into a network drive and my guess was that sometimes the network speed was too slow and it wouldn't save it. It stopped happening once I started saving the files locally.

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