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Use Houdini Like Marvelous Designer?

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I did run into a gotcha related to cross stitching I thought I mention for other users. As of H15.5, officially, group names are not supported in the point fields of the Cloth Stitch Constraint node (see help card). But as demonstrated in this thread they do work when the Constraint Object is different from the Goal object (most cases).

However, when you try to stitch a single piece of cloth to itself (Constraint and Goal are the same object), in sewing this is called a 'dart', cross-stitching occurs when using group names instead of explicit points.


In this case just copy the exact point list from the group node into the points field for expected operation.Untitled-4.jpg


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All the fem cloth constraints (except hard constraints) are broken since houdini 14 . i already reported the bug to sesi 6 months ago they said that this is known and the devs were working on a solution but the bug still persist in houdini 15.5.480 . Maybe there is a way of implementing a spring sonstraint using a sop solver and vex the linear spring math is not very complicated .

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