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Cliff destruction


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Hi guys! I need help with a RBD simulation. I'm trying to simulate the destruction of a cliff portion, keeping intact the rest of the of the cliff. Right now i have three problems:

The bottom of the cliff isn't flat, this leads to an unwanted initial movement (same thing with a costum collider who should follow the bottom's shape a little better), how i can avoid that?.

The second problem it's the glue network, how can i say to houdini which costraint is stronger and which one is weaker?

Last one (i swear :blush:) there is a way to change the extrusion depth generated by the voronoi?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help :)






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change the cliff object representation from convex hull to concave. Non moving chunks make it active 0 and moving active 1.override active attribute in RBD object(active should be integer).u can also animate the active attribute to initiate fall.also u can delete primitives of glue to initiate the fall.


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