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How to perfect fractured a sphere into tetrahedrons ?

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On 9.7.2016 at 4:55 PM, Farmfield said:

And I have yet to dig deeper into how the extract transforms thingie works that Petz solved it with - I only come so far as to understand it's actually calculating a transform compared to something else. 

in the file i´ve posted i didn´t actually extract transformations from the thetrahedrons. it´s more about finding the rigid transformation between two geometrys in a least squares sense, or more precisely it´s the method described in this paper LINK.  what i ment by "extractTransform" was the existing object node in houdini which uses pretty much the same algorithm under the hood. it´s only available in the obj-context but fairly easy to bring into sops. anyway, both method are used in the uploaded file.



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Yeah, I managed to figure that out - I think the term is pretty misleading, it really is an alignment more than anything else.

Now, still haven't figured out how it's set up - and why. It's about coordinate space, I'm guessing, using the subnets. Need to dig into that more but I've been stuck with other stuff. :P


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On 7/5/2016 at 6:50 AM, f1480187 said:


@Butachan, intrinsics access from Expression functions available from 515 build:

prim("../sphere1", 0, "intrinsic:measuredperimeter", 0)


Just anted to confirm indeed everything worked fine after I updated! thanks.

...Upps didn't realize the thread had progressed a lot after I checked the file...hehehehe. This solutions are pretty cool by the way.

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So I just painted myself into a similar corner, trying something similar, reshaping one box to another - and got as stuck as I did with this. I created a thread about it here, if anyone wanna take a look at it.


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