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subframe particle generation


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Do you guys know if it's possible to generate particles on subframe level?  I 'm generating particles based on a color of a very fast moving image sequence - particles generated per frame just can't catch up with it. 

Thanks a lot,



Look at the POP Network's parameters; you'll see an Oversampling parameter. Turn that up for subframe goodness.

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Cool, Jason!  Thanks!


Hi Luka

You might try turning your oversampling back to 1, and turning accurate births on in your

source POP instead.

The thing about oversampling is that all of your pops will cook for each oversample

which may not be what you want(ie it make take too long to cook). Accurtate birth

only affects the source not your other pops

Cool name by the way, but I think you've misspelled it :)

All the best

Luca with a "C"

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