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Getting centre of primitive in Foreach?

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I'm feeding a grid of primitives into a Foreach subnetwork, and I want to be able to place something (in this case move the centre of a bounding sphere for group definition) at the centre of each primitive. I feel like this should be simple, but I cannot figure out how to do it.

Straight after the 'each1' node, I added an attribute wrangle which adds the centroid of the primitive as a detail attribute like this:

v@centroid = prim(geoself(),"P",0);

But then in the group node further down, I am trying to access this attribute for each of the X,Y and Z values of the Bounding -> Center channels, but cannot figure out how to access each of the X,Y and Z values of the attribute separately. I am trying to use this expression:


But it obviously only gives me the X value from the vector. I have tried:


...and various other ways to access the different parts of the vector, but nothing seems to work and I can't find anything in the docs (or on the forums) about how this should be done.

Or maybe I am going about this totally the wrong way in the first place?!

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At first, try just @-syntax, it might work in your case. If not, fallback to the expression function, but call it properly. The last number in detail expression function used to get the component of vector.

# From first input, using @-syntax.

# From any node, using index numbers.
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", 0)
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", 1)
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", 2)

# From any node, using enum-style constants.
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", D_X)
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", D_Y)
detail("../attribwrangle3/", "centroid", D_Z)


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vector v = detail("../attribwrangle3/","centroid",0)

Gives me exact the vector which was added to the detail.


Sorry, didn't read the question correctly, you are talking about expressions not vex.



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detail("../attribwrangle3", "centroid", 0) for x component

detail("../attribwrangle3", "centroid", 1) for y component

detail("../attribwrangle3", "centroid", 2) for z component

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