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Tearing Cloth


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So I dont know how to setup for my cloth to do tearing (fracturing).

I created point attrib fracturepart = -1 on points where I want the tearing to happen, and 0 (nonnegative integer) on all other. Enabled the fractiring and nothing happens.

I have an idea that I should probably use sop solver to fracuture the geometry. Like breaking constraints in bullet, I did that once but dont remember how it was done. I actually dont understand the logic behing using solvers, that seams to be too complicated for my brain :)

So how should this be done?


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Ok I managed to get it working.

So it looks like you dont have to create fracturepart attribute at all. I dont know why its said in help you have to.

What controls the tearing is fracturethreshold attrib (per point). And once this goes under Fracture Threshold * -1 (defuault 0.1 whould be -0.1) the fracture will happen.

At least this is how I understand it


And a file if you want to check it out (sorry for hiplc format I dont know if this open in apprentice too)


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just had a play with your scene and yeah thats cool - seems to work nicely - changing the 5 value in the fit range to larger gives less of a shredding tear too nice work :)

i've just tried adding this same trick into my own fem fracturing sim but sadly it wasn't doing what i hoped for :(


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