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Particle rendering/delayed load


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Does using the delayed load procedural shader method reduce render times for millions of particles?

I am rendering 100mil points with 0.1 scale and its looking pretty good, but its like 2 hours a frame

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This took 30 minutes to render..

100mil points

0.1 pscale


6x6 samples

To get a good final quality I need to set opacity to .1 and 9x9 samples, and then it goes up to like +4 hours

Is there something I'm missing in the point rendering workflow? Or are these times something you have to accept..

delayed load increases render times btw..

this jpeg softens the image, theres a lot more noticeable grain with the exr in nuke



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pscale was .1
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Transparency with that amount of particles seems a bad idea, check if the points are rendering as "circles" instead of "spheres" and also you can try 2 things:

-Try shadow maps;

-Try to use the uniform volume shader with the "render points as circles" enabled;

I hope that helps.

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If you are not zooming in the ptc i also recommand Tomas tricks 

basically 1 point =  1 pixel or you can still keep a mix in Z to get some depth

You can reduce a lot the nb of points you need for the exact same feeling , especially if you render with motion blur. 

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