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Transforming primitives


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Hey folks, I'm working on a setup, where the faces of a car model should rotate.I control the effect by an animated ramp. When the color attribute changes, the faces rotates. I use the primitive node and some expressions. Actually it works well but I'm still not satisfied. So my question is, are there better ways to control the motion of the primitives? For example, I want to move the primitives in normal direction and scale the faces. Is there a way to use vop sop or an alternative to the primitive node? Perhaps you guys can give me a hint ;) thanks

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It you have a specific effect in mind it might be easier to answer. However, in general, you can mess with primitives in many ways, including with VEX. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini here there's a effect similar to what you're talking (and many others very cool ones). 

Another possibility is using a copy node in a CHOP network to drive different prims based on whatever curve you want. You can do that by creating a constant and then using the stamp function to change the parameters of your curve





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