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[novice] Flying playing cards


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Coming from the world of Unity I'm trying to convert several of my older realtime  particle and shader tests to Houdini.

Most recently am working on a 'flying playing card' effect.


In Unity I created this using Unity's native particle emitter and a custom 2 sided shader for the playing cards

pw 2016


How would you approach this in Houdini? 

I know there probably isn't one 'best' way but I am more interested in the general approach. Would you create the playing cards as individual pieces of 2 sided geometry or could they be custom 'particles'?

How would you ensure the cards are random(shuffled)?

How would you keep the cards continuousy cycling?

For a high level of what I am trying to achieve see :55 in this trailer for the TV series The Magicians


Quick follow up. Just discovered the 'House of Cards thread in Effects Challenges archive




Will have to go thru to get some more tips.


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