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Problem with flip fluid high viscosity simulation.


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Hi guys!

I am simulating liquid for my job project about christmas. I can't simulate shape of fluid which would satisfy me. I need liquid with viscosity of milk or somethink more viscous. Another thing I want to achieve is specific shape of fluid (which is presented on examples).

I tried simulate this with: geometry, which fell down in to the water tank; emitter and wine glass; POP Curve Force.

I am aware that could be kinda noobish question but I ask you to help me investigate where I am making mistake.



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Usually with small scale simulations like these, you need surface tension. At the moment, there is no "direct answer" to that in H but there are some ways to achieve it. Look for "fill holes" technique around the interwebs. Also, you can try dropping a cube in a tank with high viscosity and velocity scale under collisions turned high up. Also, don't forget to switch the solver type from Splashy Kernel to Swirly Kernel as it is  optimised to give you smooth results like mentioned above.


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