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FLIp through wall WIP


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Essentially this is two simulations. One for the wall and the other for the fluid. The wall is glued together, and once the glue bonds are broken it will begin to crumble. The fractured geometry failed to hold back fluids (something I've had a lot of trouble with, if anyone has a solution it'd be very much appreciated), so I ended using the wall as static geoemetry that interacts with the water and used a VDB proxy for collisions. This allows the geometry act as if water-tight, yet prevents interaction between the fragments being affected by the water. . However, by carefully setting up the initial velocities, a believable effect can be achieved.

The wall is likewise procedurally modelled using a combination of volumetric and polygon techniques. Once the stones are created using VDB fracture the grout is created by subtracting the shape of the stones with simple blocked-out volume. The resulting polygon model was simply voroni-fractured as the peices needed were too small to efficiently compute using voxels.


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