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Converting Java & Processing Code to VEX


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Some people it seems have tried converting VEX to Java


But I would like to do the opposite.

In particular Processing since there is a goldmine of processing code on the web that would be an incredible resource if there was a way to convert to VEX.


Has anyone tried this or know of a solution?

related thread. Realize this should be posted in Coders Corner but wasn't aware of that sub forum till now:(


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I once tried to answer to similar question. I'll just quote related part:

On 11/5/2015 at 7:36 PM, f1480187 said:

You need to understand both languages on some intermediate level. Essential part is to understand which code pieces are interchangeable and which are not. Implementation and architecture-related things usually cannot be translated, except cases where frameworks are very similar. On the other side, the algorithms itself usually can be translated from math formulas, pseudo-code from Wikipedia or pieces of code written in other programming languages. Syntax may be very similar and types, constants, functions are usually same too. Trigonometry, linalg, ray-trace, noises and PRNGs may be implemented differently but do the same job.


For example, it will take you about an hour to translate 2D intersection algorithm written in C to VEX version. The bonus is the VEX code tends to be more accurate, taking less lines. Authors of libraries usually provides some utility functions and classes taking thousands of lines of hard C++ code, but we always have big and friendly framework called Houdini. Sometimes it is better to go outside VEX and place couple of SOP nodes computing some useful attributes.

There is no such converters. Languages and the application field are pretty similar, though. It can be easy or to port it to VEX. Depending on code piece, of course.

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