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I am doing some research in to some linux file systems, I guess this question is to all the houdini users that are in a linux production environment, what filesystem are you guys using? which ones are production proven.. which ones could handle large data sets? which ones could handle fast network through put? etc. http://www.redhat.com/software/rha/gfs/. the reason I am asking all these question is that i am working for a small startup in brooklyn that wants to use linux for start to finish in there production pipeline.. And I am trying to convenice them to get at lease to seats of houdini master :D . So any help would greatly apreciate.

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Good question. It's interesting for me too. I don't know what file systems are used in production in the big studios but I think that ReiserFS (and I hope in the near future Reiser4) very well approach for a workstation. But if you work with very large files maybe you need XFS or JFS.

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