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Dust Effect

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Hello! I'm working on putting dust on the tires of a car as it speeds. This is probably the dumbest question but, what precisely do you control the direction of the smoke effect? I don't want it to go up, I want it to be static until a collision happens. 

 Please help,


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Anything that works on the velocity field, buoyancy lift/direction parameters are basic.

Try using the tires as a source to a particle network and set Emission Attribute to v.

In SOPS, use a trail sop to set to compute velocity, then wrangle this;

float emit = ch("Threshold");
if(@v < emit) {
@v = 0;

Particle will only spawn when greater then the Threshold parameter, and emit more the faster they spin. Then source your dust from these particles.


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Yeah just using the pyro/smoke solver. If anyone hasn't sourced from particles you can run shelf tools off them in your import_particles node. I haven't tested that particle setup but it works in theory. Then it's just dialing parameters and using a low density shader.

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Shouldn't even have to write it out as a bgeo.sc unless you are manipulating the geo itself and getting rid of groups and attributes. Since alembics come in as packed geo, you just need to put a convert sop or either an unpack sop after your alembic so you turn it into polys. After that you should be good to go.

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