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does any of you went to the escape studios? I've been wondering if that could be a good school for learning houdini

the fact is that I've been studying houdini for some time now, but i feel I lack in some basics things that is hard to find on the internet by my own instead of just asking a teacher. 

Do you thinks it's worth to try and find a course that fits me like this - 1 month of fx-, or it's possible to learn it by myself maybe in a bit longer time? Thank you!


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I studied at Escape Studios and now work there. Escape is a great place to learn. However, the Houdini courses are not run as regularly as the other courses (maybe once or twice a year) and are short (1-2 weeks). We run two Houdini courses currently, I think the first is Introduction to Houdini, which covers the very basics of the software, as well as some basic dynamics. The second course is the Houdini Dynamics course, which is more advanced. If you are interested in studying at Escape, it would probably be a good idea to come and have a look at the studios to see if it is right for you!

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