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Track 3D geometry to a face - PfTrack with Houdini?

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Hi there,
Before potentially purchasing PfTrack...
I'm wanting to track 3d geometry to film footage of someone's face singing for a video clip.
Like below with Bjork:
I've been working in AFX all year, and just getting back into 3D again.
Is tracking 3D geometry to a face with pfTrack the easiest most efficient way to go these days you think?
Any issues or limitations doing this in Houdini? Cant find anything recent online involving the pipeline between pfTrack and houdini.
Any issues bringing tracked / animated geometry back into Houdini from pfTrack?
Don't want to waste my money!
Thanks for any advice!
Trev  :)


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no reply on that topic : /

I'm looking into PFtrack atm too...

Trevor, have you used it with Houdini ?

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