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Fracture mesh with plane/extruded curve


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So I have a pretty cool setup for creating a growing crack in combination with fracturing, but to make it work (as I want it too - or rather, as simply as I want the setup) I need a simple way to fracture a mesh from a curve on it - like extruding the curve and using that as a cutting plane. What's the simplest setup you can do to achieve that? And I of course mean other than using VDB fracture. ;) 




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Hehe, naeh, that I know how to do. ;)

The thing is, I got this really nifty setup I created for a growing (non fracturing) crack and fracturing combination-solution thingy - and I have it up and running - the only thing I need to make the setup "perfect" is an easy solution to this issue. So yeah, I need something like cutting planes in 3ds Max - but I think VDB fracture is the only equivalent in Houdini.

F#{K, this is what I get for wanting to uncomplicate things as much as possible and run into something not really easy (or possible, even) to uncomplicate... And the setup I'm working on is similar to the one below (scene file in the Vimeo description), though tweaked for doing a growing crack setup with additional fracturing - and it's a kinda cool setup as a post process on a sim'ed RBD, so that gives you some nifty options for tweaking the initial behavior of a crack/fracture setup, but last, after the sim. 


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