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Particle attributes not recognized in Emission color?


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This has been really getting on my nerves the past few days. I'm just messing around with particles and their attributes, connecting them to a Principal Shader for practice. I can get Emission to turn on(emitillum), I can control the intensity(emitint) but I cannot for some reason figure out how to control the Emission color.

I know that Emission Color's parameters are: emitcolorr emitcolorb emitcolorb

In my example I did a lowish-res flip sim and connected the velocity to Emission Intensity (@emitint = @v;) for example.

However, When I colored my particles using a ramp and using the velocity channel, I figured I would try:

@emitcolorr = @Cd.r

...and so on for Green and Blue. But, this did not work. I feel like I'm dancing around the answer but not able to find it after searching. I wonder if anyone else has run into this?




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My favorite thing about this is how much I kept trying to feed in different vectors.


Yep, that did it! My favorite part is I had the thought "what if I add "v@" in front because it's a vector "nah, i'll try {x, y, z} instead.

Well now I know! Thanks, Matt.

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