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Procedural grouping (grouping leafs of a tree)

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I have this crude tree, and I want to group all ‘leaves’. The leafs are not connected to the tree, they just float around, and all of them are just these two prim squares. I can't find a way to make the grouping. I guess an expression or primitive wrangle could help, but I am a novice in these things.


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a primitive wrangle would be the solution with the pretty much the best performance yeah

I guess something like this could work (typing this from the top of my head, could have typo's/errors):


int connectedVertCount, i, pts[];

connectedVertCount = 0;
pts = primpoints(0, @primnum);

for(i = 0; i < @numvtx; i++)
	connectedVertCount += len( pointvertices(0, pts[i]));

@group_leaves = (connectedVertCount == 5); 


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If the vertex count is the same/similar, you can do something like this inside a Primitive Wrangle node:

if ( primvertexcount ( 0, @primnum ) == 8 )

    i@group_leaves = 1;

EDIT: Thought it was a single polygon, disregard this answer :P

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or you can use combination of Assemble SOP and Measure SOP. Assemble will make a name attribute for each polygon island which you can loop over. in the For each loop use Measure SOP and measure area of each polygon island. since all leaves will have the same area you can group them by area attribute. this is a slower method than wrangle but i'd say it will give better result in this particular case.

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