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FLIP Fluid Compress artifacts


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Hi there,

I have been toying with bringing custom vel fields into my FLIP sim, the file attached shows a whirlpool type of effect (which is in it's early stages and needs a lot of work).

I have a question I am hoping someone may know the answer to... The artifacts you can see in lower left corner which appear below my surface, are these caused by the fluid compress process? They aren't present when I bypass this process, but it would save me a lot of disk space if I could figure this out. I'm thinking it is because I'm churning up the particles below the surface..??

thanks heaps! 


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Hi Graeme,

I had exactly the same problem. How did you set up your FLIP simulation initially? Do you have your boundaries set up on the FLIP tank? 

I think the issue is to do with collision separation. As the fluid compression node is detection collisions below the surface of the fluid, and therefore a certain amount of particles around that collision are being included in the compressed cache as per your "Cull Bandwidth" parameter on the fluid compress node itself.

The solution I found was to use the "Flat tank" shelf tool instead of the "FLIP tank" shelf tool, as then your boundary conditions are set properly and seemed to resolve the issue. Also have a play with your collision separation on your FLIP object.

Hope this Helps !

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Hi Thomas, thanks for the response!

I used the wavetank shelf tool, but then I rearranged a few nodes and removed the wavetank ocean source node and went for my own setup and I did remove the boundary layer.

Based on what you're saying, it must be because I removed too many pieces of the default setup. I thought I'd tweaked the cull bandwidth too, but I just went back and had a look and it turns out I hadn't. 

What I did in the end was just leave out the compress process, I ended up with around 170 million particles arrr! Lucky I have a lot of disk space. So now my meshing is being written out via the command line to save memory. I'll try running the default setup next time and I'll have a play with the cull bandwidth.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.



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