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dynamics on 'growing' geometry?


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I created a growing 'ribbon' shape (see attached) by changing the size of a grid in the 'x' axis while proportionally increasing the number of columns.

I'd like to use this to simulate cassette spewing out tape, but I can't seem to find an solver that will work. I've tried FEM/Solid, FEM/Cloth, Grain and Wire, but I can't get it to work with deforming geometry that 'grows' this way. I think one option might be to use Bullet with spheres copied to the points and a constraint network, I can easily copy the position of the sphere to the position of the associated point, but using Fractured RBD again when I can even manage to get geometry into DOP I am only getting the spheres associated with the first points.

Is there any way to do such a simulation on geometry that lacks a fixed number of points?

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I am not sure how I'd implement this technique. What I want is to simulate the tape as if it were being pulled from the reel and keeps piling up. My plan was to let the tape grow to a certain point then pin constrain the ends so that the new geometry wouldn't have anywhere to go but downward. In practice there would be a bit more involved, but that's the basic idea.

Just thinking out loud so I don't forget, what if I started with a big piece of tape with a force attribute assigned to the global position of where the tape was being "pulled", and then deleted the extraneous geometry after. That should work.


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Yeah, I am familiar with the original example and that's where I sort of got my revised idea from.

Still have a bit to go on the dynamics (right now it looks like a fabric ribbon and not magnetic tape) and VOP network is a little messy, but you should get the basic idea. Color is absolute velocity.





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