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i'm working on my personal project, i trying recreate "ice hummocks" which move through objects and collide.

Based on this wiki page i recreate basic formula  {F}_{A}=\rho {g}V,  where p = 1000, g = 9.8, V (volume of the pieces)

But problem is that i working with packed objects and don't know "area of the party of an object.". and pieces start spinning after a while.

(i think it could be solved through dot product, but i stuck)

scene file!!     https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6Rw9sQd7tjLTHNfYTNTRE1NMFE



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Very Cool! Seems to me there needs to be a method to vertically offset the pieces once a certain tension has been reached... mimicking the minute fractures that happen along the surfaces which then allow for one plate to slide over the next instead of rotating vertically. So something that says, "pressure between black x and y exceeds value a, therefore introduce rotation angle of each inversely.

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some fixes
volume on some pieces was with "-" sign and volume was for one side, not for whole piece.

still playing with methods for realistic ice behavior.

Thanks David! I built something like that in scene, it's works well on the ground, but some pieces blowing up when it does not need to do.

I'll try to add some constraint to simulation.

ice hummocks.gif


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