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Hi all,

I am trying to use geometry to control attributes on particles. Would anyone know how to do that? 


I have a flat bed of sand grains with their "static Kinetic" set very high. But I would like the collision geometry (a hand in this case) to diminish the "static Kinetic" attribute to a very low setting. Much like using the sop solver for fluids. 



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Off the top of my head try using POP streams. So when the collision with the hand happens the particles are moved into a new stream. Then use a POP wrangle to change the desired attributes. Peter Quint has a great tutorial that goes over how to use POP streams to change attributes.




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Okay. So I have the stream going.

1. I have made a collision detection pop. This node allowed me to put that collision detection into a group

2. I put that collision detection group into the pop stream node. 

3. Here is the tricky part. I now have to adjust the kinetic_scale attribute to a value of .1. 

Ugh. How do I do that. My VEX knowledge is very limited. 

Advanced thanks.


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