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Diego A Grimaldi

ty for the suggestion. I've already scrubbed thru it three days ago and, although it's a nice introduction for someone who never opened houdini, that's not what i was looking for.
I've already watched Intro to Houdini 15 and now i'm in the process of playing with the software and watching short sidefx videos. I was wondering about Intro to Houdini 16 cause i'm not sure if there are new workflows that are important for beginners to understand, so i just wanted to see that part ;D

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Hello everyone!

Yes. The Pluralsight  Houdini 16 intro course will be called "Houdini 16 Fundamentals" and it is currently in progress now. I am actually taking a break from building out the assets for the course as I type this. Look for this course to hit the Pluralsight platform in the next month or so.




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