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ripple solver and velocity


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I am trying to make a small slow creek with the ripple solver. So far so good.

The only thing what I am missing are the velocity values in X and Z. Well it makes sence to some degree that there are no vel value in these directions because the points only move up and down.

But when I deform the rest position with metaballs the vel values ARE available. But deforming via metaballs is very slow. At the moment I am deforming the mesh with an 'water texture'. But just adding the color values up to Y and animating the

texture offset gives me nice ripples but NO velocity values in X and Z.

Is there a way to get v when deforming the rest SOP with simple point manipulations? It would be very helpful for motion blur and also some white water generation via particles which I could give the same vel as the closed point on the mesh in order to get them moving more or less in the correct way.


Thanks for your help.



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Hi, interesting task :)

Not sure how to solve it automatically, but you can always paint curves indicating direction of movement on your geometry. Then compute tangent vectors on your curves and transfer it to geometry, where you can smooth it a bit. It will however take some time to match velocity scale and directions.

Maybe somebody knows better workflow?

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Hi, I tried another approach - compute gradient of length of velocity attribute. This will produce vector pointing to the greatest change of attribute on geometry. You can combine it with initial velocity to get some results. However velocity might be pointing backwards in some areas. To solve it you can combine it with painted curves and compare velocity direction with curves tangents direction. If it is opposite, then reverse velocity. This workflow should give you quite good results I guess.


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