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Locomotice Clips in crowd simulation - Stairs


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Hi Houdini friends!

Has anyone tried to do crowd simulation where you have the agent going upstairs and down stairs? I was trying to use the mocapbiped3 and use the steps -> sidefx_male_walk_to_step_up and I baked it out with locomotion checked. In the crowd simulation I used the locomotion instead of in-place, and as it's from walk to step up it doesn't form a continuous cycle, and it keeps going down a little bit when looping with itself. I tried to use follow terrain, but it didn't work out well. Is there a good way to do these kind of movements? Going upstairs / downstairs?


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i found to get nice continuing locomotion i needed to fiddle with 2 options in the agent...  with my own fbx export i have my walk cycle of my character and then a root joint that moves with my character (im my case exactly 1.8m for a walk cycle that seamlessly loops in maya)

i think from memory i needed to click on the convert to in-place button and the apply clip locomotion.  i know i defintiely needed rootbone animation tho exported with by fbx character otherwise he just snapped back to his original posiition.

sorry i cant help more with that as i haven't tried steps.  I also havent tried the mocap rigs off the shelf i literally just jumped in the deep end yday for the first time and did a crowd sim lol


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heres mine - they locomote happily following the pop sim controlling them - avoiding and following a path.. and then ragdoll altho not finished the setup on the latter bit yet... just head and upper torso so they fall like weebles lol!

on youtube theres half a dozen good little tutorials on fxhive by sidefx themselves i think - only about 4 mins long - search for those and you'll get some good info on them :)


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