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Normal problem when rendering

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I made a stair model by creating steps and stingers separately and by merging them together.

When I render one of each, there is no problem but when I render the merged one, steps turn black as if normals were not correctly arranged.

Can anybody tell me why houdini do this to me?


2017-01-08 Procedural Stair-2.hipnc

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When you merge the two streams togther you get a strippy yellow pattern on the Merge node. This is a warning that a mismatch of attributes is occurring. In this case v@N or normals. When a mismatch occurs one side of the merge wins and one side loses. In this case the actual steps lose and receive no normals while the frame for the step wins and gets normals.


The easy fix is to just drop down a normal after the final merge to fix it all back up.

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