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Nt4 And 7.x.x And ..tweaks?


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I got this box running on nt4 (pretty snappy 2) but havnt had any luck so far installing version 7.x.x

any hints ?

if you could point me to a place where i could find some nt tweaks and/or drivers, id be more than clad.

nt has been rockstable so far, just some .dlls are missing now and then.

comparing performance over some distros, benchmarkwinner is nt (on an amd 2200+ with 2gigs infinion and a fx5200 box and another older one with a pIII1000-for doin stuff while the other renders)

it defffinately doesnt need much recorces to perform, unlike most of the distros/os es out there with huge neccecity of ..u know what..

back to topic: I wasnt able to install version 7.xx on nt, but 6.5.x runs like a charm. again. any hint on .dlls missing and where to get them?

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In what way weren't you able to install H7? I think Windows NT4 support has officially been dropped but I think I was running Houdini 7 on NT4 for at least a little but I've made the jump to XP since then. Make sure your have the latest service pack installed.

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The installer crashes when you try and install H7 on NT. Support looked at this for me and they couldn't fix it. We only run H6.5 on our NT boxes. I did ask them to remove where it says Houdini works on NT from the Sesi specs website but I don't know if it happened.

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Too bad Windows NT (4.0) - one of the most reliable BSD-clo, err!..., Windows ( :) ) versions around - is phasing out more and more, I wish I could still be using it. All they have to do is update DirectX and release a service pack with all the necessary security updates once in a while.

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