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Whole project management, from storyboard to a single final video file

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This is a very broad question, but I don't expect long answers. It's more for me to grab the right terms to search further.

Assuming I have a storyboard for a short animation,  can you tell me how you go from the storyboard to the final video file.

I've used 3d software for some time as a hobbyist, but so far for still images, or short animations, but nothing really complex.

Is it just another graph, with for example some geometry shared between the scenes on top, used as input for each scene on a second layer (each individual shot), then a third layer for sequencing, then rendering everything to a file ?

Or do I need separate projects for each shot, then some compositing software to merge them together ? This is for a single person project.

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not quite sure exactly what you're after, but projects that are complex and i have done from home i do this way.

houdini has a project setup (under file>) and it depends on what kind of files you want to save, but usually the houdini setup works

the way all animators work (or should) is from a storyboard, i usually take the storyboard and break it down into scenes, then shots. i do a frame count and a time count for each shot, and i don't usually, but you could add a prop list to this also.

if you're working to a script, vocal or written, get a timed version, timed as accurately as possible and work your shot list with this.

i generally find half way through everything has to be re-boarded, re-timed and re-scripted, but doing things this way means you're at least organised and have a backbone for the project.

shoot each shot, then put together each scene, and then you're ready for titles and credits and a final edit - all boarded out too.

hope this helps.

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