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Scatter Based on density texture from COP

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Hi all,

I'am trying to scatter points in texture space on a low poly mesh based on a modify texture inside copnetwork, i put op:/..../cop2net1/output on density texture reference and node says "failed to load density texture, unrecognized file type " but only works if i put a file or default.pic.

I'm lost, please help me what iam doing wrong?


Thanks so much


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Thanks so much for the answer but this method is not valid for me, i have a low poly mesh if i use attibutetomap(i use this for heightmap) in a mesh with not enough points i lose texture definition for scatter instead of texture space. My problem is load a texture generated in cop in texture density on scatter, i tried with op: tex or pic but i cant get it, if i load a file directly i can.


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I see what you mean, I would call it a bug and file it with SideFX.

But in the mean time you can just attribute by map to fetch from COPs and then scatter by Cd. I don't know what you expect to gain by using texture space? And you could just write out the file from COPs and load it in as a file if your work flow insists on using texture space. In the end you will just have points scattered on your geometry.


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