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emitting crowd agents vs creating them via scatter node

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hey everyone another crowd question - is there a way to emit crowd agents ?  Right now i have a scatter node born from a circle that generates my crowd agents but it would be nice if i can birth them?

I tried creating a popnet and used a poplocation to generate points one at a time (approx one every second) - my hope was that i could get these to become agents but i cant seem to pass that info through to the crowd setup ?  anyone any know how on tackling this?


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well i tried switching the impulse activation from $FF==1


if ($F % 24, 0,1)

sure enough the agents spawn every 24 frames which is almost perfect... however for some reason the ragdolls now bork and seem to gradually explode out everywhere.  not sure why this is :/


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actually closer inspection reveals that they seem to spawn multiple copies on the same spot so its that which is borking up.  How can i get them to just emit one agent on the point

my scatter sop is simply set to 10 so i would expect ten agents each 24 frames


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30 minutes ago, carlo_c said:

Any chance you got this working in the end, just doing some r&d at the moment having some similar issues myself! :)

Nah I couldn't figure it out. The first one spawned and ragdolled just fine but the others just broke apart

Thinking about it.. it could be something that's needed in the constraints network part inside the solver sop.  Because I recently sussed out how to get the agents to fall apart and limbs disconnect and it involved putting a primitive wrangle into said solver sop to break the constraints.  Now at frame 1 all the agents are there and they all have a constraint network built for them.

But spawned.. well only the first one has a constraint network but the next ones of course don't because they never existed at frame1.

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