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Mutual interaction between particles and bullet


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I'm trying to make particles interact with a bullet object, but at the same time the bullet object should influence the particles.
This works to some extent using a mutual collide relationship, but it seems that the particles basically have infinite mass, as they just push the bullet objects away.

The only information I was able to find on this was about influencing bullet objects with particle forces.

Please see the attached file for a small test. Another thing that's weird is that the behavior changes when I switch the input order in my DOP merge node even though the  Affector relationship is set to Mutual.






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Thank you, that works the way I want it to if I change the popcollisiondetect to collide with the rbd box (rbdpackedobject1) :)

I still don't understand why the order in the merge node matters, since I assumed that it doesn't when the relationship is set to Mutual.


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