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Using Shattered/Broken Geometry In A Scene But Still Be Affectable

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As the title kind of suggests, how would integrate a broken model into a scene. So for example, say I had a wall that I wanted broken, but I also wanted the pieces of the wall sprawled out onto the floor. The pieces wouldn't be scattered randomly though, it would be as though something /had/ busted through the wall. How would one go about saving the broken geometry (after it has been broken and is now on the floor) along with the scene, while still retaining their ability to be affected by forces. 

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Just extend the length of your sim. Say the bad guy busts down the wall and looks around. Then he goes on to soliloquizes about how amazing he is. Then he lifts his villain arms into the air and the broken wall pieces begin to rise.

That's the shot.

Once you have defined the shot, you will have a length and that becomes the new length for your sim.

Just animate the Activation field for each of the forces at the correct time.

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