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dynamic constraint creation


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Hi all, 

Im trying to create constraints between packed primitives that are emitted into dop, the teapot example that comes with Houdini would be a good example of this, but then I want to create constraints between these primitives. I've been through a few post on this forum but still really struggling to get my head around constraints, especially as most examples have  constraints already set at sop level.


Ive tried using a sop solver inside the dop to bring in the the packed prims and create a constraint network, Im sure thats the way to go but struggling to get it it work.


Any help would be welcome thank you.


I have attached a capture from cinema 4d that illustrates the effect I am trying to achieve.




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A sop solver is "sop level". You can add constraints to the relationship geometry in a sop solver and you can point to this as the new constraint network. Keep in mind you need to update the attribs and add the new piece of geometry to the simulation as well.

Hope this helps!

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Heres an example. This stuff is tricky to do in Houdini, but is really amazing once you wrap your head around it.

I create a sphere in SOPS. Pack it and give it a unique name and velocity(v)

Then, in DOPS, in a SOP Sover, I bring a new sphere in every so often using an Object Merge.

In the same SOP Solver I build a constraint, name each point correctly and set all the attribs up correctly. They go out the OUT_CON null.

Then I read that into the Constraint Network

There's a million ways to do this, this is the method that works well for me, and has proved most flexible so far.



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