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Seen This Vfx Book?


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Searched the forum and saw no mention of this


Saw this in a bookstore last night. It's kind of an overview of VFX, featuring interviews, and information about pipelines and whatnot, but I thought some people here might be interested in it because it features Houdini prominently. It doesn't seem to be your typical "how-to" type of tome, more of an industry overview/reference type resource. It does have small examples and every example uses Houdini. It has some explanations of Houdini specific ops. I don't think professionals will be too interested, I got the feeling looking through it that it's very much aimed at novices, but for people just getting started it looks like a worthwhile read. It's full of information from working professionals.

The examples I saw in the book seemed to be simple proof of concept type stuff, but some of them looked useful... seemed to be quite a few examples using expressions.

Anyone read it? Care to share your thoughts?

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Yep I read it. It was begginner to intermediate level stuff. Really

good starter for those involved in the creation of a small studio pipeline. Particularly if it the first time you've had to set up an effects or studio pipe.

It is the kind of thing you wish you had when...

In my day -----

"We had nothin, and we liked it."

It was also uphill both ways to and from school,..... in the snow,.... with no shoes. ^_^

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